A Story To Tell…

We all have a story to tell. Some are good and some may be the hidden darkened past. Why is it so much easier to share the good? When the dark past or current is bottled up so tightly that it consumes you.

It is so hard to trust anyone with your darkness. We quietly keep it tucked away. It is the simplest way to be after all, right? I know by experience. So what can you do to release what you hide so well?

I write, paint and sculpt. I meditate and it took a long time for me to realize it wasn’t my fault. The guilt that we hold when the situation/s where out of our control. As an individual one thing that you must find is a way to release the guilt in a positive way. Without harming yourself or those you love.

I would realy like to hear how you cope knowing there is no wrong answer if it positively gets you through your situation.

Who knows you may just make someone else’s burden a little lighter.




  1. There’s a difference between guilt and remorse. A person can be guilty of an act and feel no remorse whatsoever.

    As far as feeling guilty or remorseful for things that are beyond our control, about all we can do is to find someone we trust and get those feelings out in the open. A good example is when someone close to us commits suicide. We beat ourselves up over what we could have, or should have done, when in reality we probably couldn’t have prevented it from happening. When we hurt, we often look for someone to blame, and usually that person is us.

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