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Nancey Rodriguez is Outgoing, Straight forward, Inspired by the truth and lurks in unfamiliar territories.

Nancey’s passion is to create works of art and literature that inspires readers to not only think outside the box but to question the reality of it all.

A unique specimen of subliminal literature and art that will turn your emotions into an epic roller coaster ride; the only way to fathom it all is in trying to believe it is fiction; is it?

There may be many who can relate in various ways, and others who view these readings with a questionable gasp on what is reality and fiction.  It will be a little scary or intimidating to say the least; Intense “YES” she knows…

Therefore you may want to tread softly.  Her series “The Revolving Door” may not be right for everyone. “It is however most certainly right for her!!!”

Nancey Rodriguez” finally opened her doors; you are welcome to walk right in!

Release: December 2018


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